Man wrongly jailed for murder as teen in 1991 is exonerated

Man wrongly jailed for murder as teen in 1991 is exonerated

CROWN HEIGHTS, Brooklyn — He was just 14 when he was wrongly arrested for the murder of an off-duty correction officer and now, 27 years later, the Brooklyn man cried as he was exonerated in court Tuesday morning.

John Bunn always maintained his innocence in the 1991 Crown Heights shooting that killed Rolando Neischer and the attempted murder of Robert Crosson. He served 17 years in prison and was paroled in 2009, but he kept up the fight to clear his name.

Bunn worked with attorneys from the Exoneration Initiative for years. They were by his side as Brooklyn prosecutors dismissed the indictment against Bunn.

“I want to say thank you, your Honor, because for 27 years I have been fighting for my life,” he said.

Bunn’s case was worked by former NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella, a retired officer accused of coercing confessions, manipulating witnesses and giving misleading testimony.

During his time in prison, Bunn heroically stopped the attempted rape of a prison counselor.

“I just feel overly blessed and I am thanking God that we reached this point,” Bunn told PIX11.

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Американец, оправданный после 17 лет тюрьмы, расплакался в суде

МОСКВА, 17 мая — РИА Новости. В США мужчину по имени Джо Банн оправдали после того, как он отсидел 17 лет за убийство, которого не совершал. Узнав о том, что его доброе имя восстановлено, мужчина расплакался и поблагодарил судью, взяв ее за руки. Сюжет, посвященный оправданию Банна, опубликовал канал PIX 11.

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