В Великобритании на аукционе продали посмертную маску Сталина


Бронзовая посмертная маска Иосифа Сталина и слепки кистей его рук, выставленные на аукционе The Canterbury Auction Galleries в Великобритании

Бронзовая посмертная маска Иосифа Сталина и слепки кистей его рук были проданы за 13,5 тысячи фунтов стерлингов (17,4 тысячи долларов США) на аукционе The Canterbury Auction Galleries в Великобритании, сообщается на сайте аукциона.

Маска и слепок рук изначально оценивались аукционом в 1,5 – 2 тысячи фунтов (1,9 – 2,5 тысячи долларов США).


A death mask of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin has sold for £13,500 in a Kent auction house.

Created in bronze, the mask was sold along with a cast of the late Russian leader’s hands, and was signed and dated March 1953.

The mask would have been taken from a plaster cast before the body was embalmed. It showed Stalin’s famous bushy moustache and his hair swept back from his forehead.

Staff at Kent fine art auctioneers The Canterbury Auction Galleries were taken aback when a visitor brought the items in to one of their Friday valuation mornings.

“It was a bit of a shock when the owner handed it to me and asked me if it was something we could sell,” said auction house valuer Dan Ponder. “He explained how he had found it among his grandfather’s possessions after he died. His grandfather was in the merchant navy, and he assumed he acquired it on his travels.

He continued, “It was difficult to give a saleroom valuation, but an identical mask and hands were sold in 2012 for £3,600, so we decided to offer it with an estimate of £1,500-2,000. No one was expecting it to reach £13,500, least of all the person selling it. He was delighted.”

The mask, one of what is believed to be 12 taken following the Stalin’s death in 1953, was sold together with casts of his hands, the left withered owing to an injury he sustained aged 12 when he was hit by a horse.

The lots was purchased by a UK telephone bidder who bought it on behalf of an overseas client.

Death masks are true portraits taken to preserve the features of a person after their death, a practice that began in ancient Egypt. They were commonly associated with military and political leaders, artists and composers.

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Russian dictator Joseph Stalin photographed in Berlin in August 1945. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

in Auction Houses

Bronze death mask of Stalin to be auctioned in Britain

LONDON (AFP) – A bronze cast from Joseph Stalin’s death mask goes on sale in London today. It is one of only 12 made after the Soviet dictator’s death in 1953, Mullock’s auctioneers said.

It is being put up for sale along with bronze casts of his hands—the left one withered—for a guide price of between £3,000 and £5,000 ($4,660 and $7,760, 3,580 euros and 5,970 euros).

Bought by art dealer James Birch in Moscow in 1990 and now being sold by a private collector, the bronze shows Stalin’s hair swept back from his forehead and his famous mustache is clearly evident.

Ten of the death mask bronzes are thought to be in Russia, with the 11th held in a private collection in London following its sale at Sotheby’s auction house in the early 1990s, Mullock’s expert Richard Westwood-Brookes said.

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