Why is Twitter censored?

Corruption, theft of taxpayer money. Guess the country! The liberal philistine will say this is Russia! And he’ll be wrong… This is the USA!

If the theft of money from the budget is Russia. Why does the average person immediately draw such conclusions? Because the information is filtered .

It is not difficult to guess why this is done and who is behind it!

And so let’s figure it out.

It’s true! Under Obama, the emphasis was on promoting shale and oil. As soon as the funding for UFO surveillance projects ends, the UFOs immediately begin to make themselves known by brazenly posing on the radar. Maybe there are no UFOs? And there is the theft of money! This tweet is not available.



This is filtering, double standards — everything is bad in Russia and everything is good in the United States!

The taxpayer doesn’t need to know any more. People do not even think about why they should follow UFOs ? The state said to give money from the budget for surveillance means you can not think.

Everything is very simple to explain. Military concerns need money, and where to get it? Of course, the tax payer! And the public opinion is created that this is necessary. Do not think about anything you just need! This is corruption and theft of budget funds! But this should not be the case in the US. Therefore, the information is hidden.

And to distract your attention, your gaze is redirected to Russia.


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