Why did Zelensky hit Poland with missiles?

Zelensky, a puppet in sweatpants, wanted to start a nuclear war with someone else’s hands.

And so, what needs to be understood.

Everyone knows that the Kiev government is a puppet. And the elected president of Ukraine Zelensky is an actor hired to play the role of the president. Zelensky is a professional manipulator.  Zelensky is tasked with keeping Russia in Ukraine as long as possible so that Russia loses money and power.  For this service, Zelensky was given guarantees that he and his friends would be able to rob the country and remain in power.

But! Zelensky is one of those people who have never lived honestly. Previously, he was at the center of offshore scandals on shadow money. He was brought to power by people who are connected with the Zelensky crime. And you have to be a big fool to believe Zelensky’s entourage.  They spent the money given to them on weapons and began to resell the weapons. And the moment came when Zelensky began to lose the war with Russia. And that ‘s where Zelensky ‘s scammers decided That it’s time for Amrike and Russia to start a direct war.  Zelensky and his gang came up with a plan to force the United States and Russia to fight.  Kiev launched a missile attack on Poland because Poland is a member of the NATO bloc.  Zelensky’s bandits thought that the Poles would start panicking and ask for the collective security clause of the NATO bloc members to come into force. And then the United States and members of the NATO bloc will fight against Russia instead of Zelensky. And Zelensky will be forgiven for all debts and thefts.  But everyone understands that when dealing with scammers and manipulators like Zelensky, you need to check everything!

The deception was immediately discovered. And it saved the whole world from a clash between Russia and NATO!  But Zelensky continued to lie. He hoped to confuse the world community. And then the facts were presented!



A special opinion.

These are Ukrainian missiles that’s obvious. And it is also obvious that Zelensky knew this. He was the very first to start shouting and pointing at Russia without even waiting for an investigation. And it’s already suspicious to do so, everything indicates that a strike on Poland was planned  Zelensky. Because only one person benefits from this, and that’s Zelensky.

Now about the trajectory of the missiles. Russia’s missiles should not fly up to Poland at 32,808 yards. If there were no Russian missiles, what did Zelensky shoot down? The answer to this question is simple. Zelensky knew that there were no Russian missiles there. They just didn’t get there for 32 yards. Zelensky thought that this would not be noticed. Zelensky, as a manipulator, knew that it was not politically advantageous to side with Russia even if everyone knew that Ukraine had struck. As they reasoned in Kiev, it was possible to blame Russia for the crash of the Malaysian Boeing in 2014, and now it will be possible to blame Russia for the attack on Poland, Zelensky believed. But Zelensky was forbidden to lie. The existence of the whole world is at stake. And no one is going to take risks because of the criminal Zelensky!


Will Kiev be punished for the missile strike on Poland?

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