What is a banana republic? How the US turned into a Banana Republic

This article is based on the thesis of Bush Jr. when he compared America to a «banana republic» which angered many who had a distinctive opinion.

The term banana republic describes a politically unstable country with an economy dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product, such as bananas or oil. But it has come to mean any country which is corrupt and unstable. The term was first coined in a novel by O. Henry, called Cabbages And Kings, a collection of short stories inspired by his experiences in Honduras. He used the term banana republic to describe the fictional Republic of Anchuria. Banana republics usually have very different social classes, an impoverished working class and a ruling class. The country is run to the exclusive profit of the ruling class.

Термин «банановая республика» описывает политически нестабильную страну с экономикой, зависящей от экспорта продуктов с ограниченными ресурсами, таких как бананы или нефть. Но это стало означать любую страну, которая коррумпирована и нестабильна. Впервые этот термин появился в романе О. Генри «капуста и короли», сборнике рассказов, вдохновленных его опытом в Гондурасе. Он использовал термин «банановая республика» для описания вымышленной республики Анчурия. Банановые республики, как правило, имеют очень разные социальные классы, бедный рабочий класс и правящий класс. Страна управляется исключительно в интересах правящего класса.

  • A little bit about the author of the quote. An extraordinary personality, a creative nature, a politician and an actor in one person. Perhaps that is why his quote caused such a violent resonance of opinions.



And so, let’s figure it out

What Bush actually said?

«This is how election results are disputed in a banana republic – not our democratic republic. I am appalled by the reckless behavior of some political leaders since the election and by the lack of respect shown today for our institutions, our traditions, and our law enforcement,» said Bush.

A pro-Trump mob breaks into the U.S. Capitol on January 06, 2021 in Washington, DC. Congress held a joint session today to ratify President-elect Joe Biden’s 306-232 Electoral College win over President Donald Trump. A group of Republican senators said they would reject the Electoral College votes of several states unless Congress appointed a commission to audit the election results.

Supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the Capitol building on Wednesday as lawmakers met in a joint session for the final step in certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s 2020 victory. The riot, which was provoked by a speech from Trump earlier in the day, prompted a delay in the proceedings as Congress was evacuated.

Trump has repeatedly and baselessly asserted that he lost the election due to mass voter fraud. The president has called on his supporters to disperse amid the violence, but has simultaneously risked exacerbating the situation by continuing to push the false notion that the election was «stolen» from him.


But few people realized that Bush had made a Freudian slip. Without knowing it, he called it what it was. Than the United States is different from Ukraine and Venezuela if the US elections are contested. If people went to the Maidan and capture the building in Venezuela and Ukraine. In addition, Bush showed his attitude to Ukraine and a number of countries where the United States changed power and interfered in their elections.  Now the masks are thrown off and Bush indicated the place where Ukraine should be, giving an analogy with the «banana republic».

The video shows two old people who have health problems BUT are still fighting for power. This is Donald Trump and Joseph Biden. Donald doesn’t believe Biden won. But Biden shows him that it is. But Donald can’t see what it says because Donald is an old man and has vision problems. And Biden has hearing problems. A deaf man argues with a blind man who is the president of the United States.

Dissenting opinion.

As we can see, the United States is essentially a banana republic with nuclear weapons.

Truth speaks through the mouth of a baby

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