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The site is not the original source.

The site archives the most vivid publications of the world’s leading media.

And also, the website contains legal information from official sources with reference to them.

This legal information is also attached to the cases described in the world media.

And also on the site there is an independent opinion of which in other publications there is no, expressed by political scientists and media personalities. There are separate comments of conspiracy theorists, and simply publicists


The site can be used as a tool for quickly finding the information you need. Which is located here under the thematic labels. Assume that by activating the tab Russia you get variants of different topics in Russia.

And also you can use the site as convenient for you. Example; under the article on politics, you just leave comments equipped with links to the topic you need. Look to ; rule of commerce.

the law of COMMENT;

On this site in the comments, you can post any number of links. If they are relevant to this topic! And do not lead to prohibited sites with unacceptable  content!



DO NOT post on the news wall, photo materials, videos with child pornography!


DO NOT post on the news wall, pornographic materials, photos, adult videos!


DO NOT advertise extremism, separatism and appeals to it!

Do not preach chauvinism, fascism, anti-Semitism!


Do not post materials or links that violate the laws of the Russian Federation, namely the sale of spices, psychotropic and narcotic substances.


Do NOT engage in recruitment!

Do not call for the overthrow of the present regime, building, local self-government, the power of the country!


A kind request not to threaten the participants of the discussions, as well as not to offend or infringe on national grounds.


Leaving a comment, you assure that you are 18+.

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 После открытия отдельной вкладки просто закройте навигатор и вы останетесь на прежней странице имея еще одну нужную вам статью в новой вкладке.

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