«Bucha massacre». Or How Zelensky deceived Europe.

  • Information wars. Zelensky thinks that they can act without rules. Any methods are good if they bring income.
  • Only one word «war» can make very good money. Therefore, Zelensky calls «Russia’s special military operation against Ukrainian bands of formations» a war.
  • In fact, Ukraine does not declare war on Russia. Kyiv earns by receiving money for a tranche of oil products passing through Ukraine.
  • It is not profitable for Ukraine to officially declare war on Russia, then Russia will fight without sparing the population and the military. Immediately strike at the points of decision making.
  • And the events in Bucha are also Zelensky’s commercial project. So, for example, on speculation with a video about dead people lying on the street, Zelensky created the image of a Russian soldier as a killer. To hide these crimes that Ukraine has committed against prisoners!

In the video, the Ukrainian military commit crimes. Shooting prisoners of war! This is a violation of international convention.


On video. Ukrainian military kill prisoners. It is a crime. Zelensky would like to hide this from the world community. So he created Buchu.


On the video sanitary burial. This is the official temporary burial site. But many were told that this is a secret place where the Russians threw people. But as we see, it is not the Russians who put it in the pit, but the special government services of Ukraine.

  • Here is an example of a successful income for you. Zelensky invited Ursula von der Leyen to Bucha. He showed her the bags of dead people that he got from the sanitary pit. Scared Ursula and earned 500 million EURO!
  • When the woman saw the bag so close, she hurried to conclude and said. We will help Ukraine, give it money to fight Russia. Ursula von der Leyen realized that on the basis of these dead men it was possible to sell all unnecessary old weapons in Europe for the money that Europe itself would give to Ukraine. Part of this money will go to pay for these weapons and the other part of the money will be stolen by Zelensky. Ursula knows this. This is business!
  • As you understand, the fake with Bucha is beneficial to everyone, but not to Russia.
  • Europe can now tell. Russia is dangerous, we will not cooperate with Russia. The US can now say that we need to attack Russia and protect Ukraine. In the world, you can say that all Russians are bad guys, you can block their bank accounts and take away their property. You see how the events in Bucha are beneficial to everyone.

And now it’s time to reveal the cards, as Zelensky did this trick.

People die in war. This is normal! Two sides Ukraine and Russia in Bucha fired at each other. Civilians were under attack. Nobody knows who killed, because this is WAR!

These people were collected by services and buried in a sanitary pit. This is temporary and then they will be reburied. The government knew about these pits because the government itself made room for the pit!

Here is another crime of Kyiv.

Look. And this is how Ukrainians do with their citizens. The same Ukrainians. This girl was tied to a post and her underwear was taken off. Even if it’s her fault. That’s no way to punish! Where is the law? Why doesn’t it work in Ukraine?


And on this video. A Ukrainian soldier is robbing a food warehouse.

As you understand. This needs to be hidden from the public. And Zelensky creates Bucha. Where he accuses the Russians of thefts and robberies and murders of civilians. But! But Zelensky will not deceive us. 


The phenomenon with the dead on the roads. Which showed Zelensky. It looks like a hoax, because dead people appeared after the Russians left the Bucha. And before that, there was no such quantity on the roads. We present the video.

On video. The roads of Buchi from different places are shown. But what Zelensky shows is not.


«БУЧАНСКАЯ РЕЗНЯ» ИЛИ КАК ЗЕЛЕНСКИЙ ОДУРАЧИЛ ЕВРОПЕЙЦЕВ. Зачем Зеленский создал информационные вбросы про Бучу и участвует в них? – Чтобы дать возможность  ЕС финансировать Киев и сбывать военный хлам для утилизации его в Украине под риторику «помощь».

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